D for Diagnosis

By the morning of my assessment I had wound myself up so much I was nauseous. I stopped taking the Duromine 10 days before my appointment so that the psychiatrist would be able to assess me in my full ADHD state. My mind was going a million miles an hour through all possible eventualities trying to prepare myself.


1- The road that led me here

2 years ago we turned our lives upside down and left a busy and strained life in Auckland for a smaller and calmer life in Rotorua. Making that move pushed re-set on my life, I inspired myself, and I felt more like myself than I had done in many years. I could never have predicted the series of events that would unfold from that one decision.

2 – Who, what, where, when?

As soon as we were settled in Hamilton I knew my first job was to register with a GP and get myself referred to a psychiatrist to be diagnosed. I went prepared with my diagnosis criteria checklist from the psychologist and was naively excited thinking the ball would be rolling very fast from there. The… Continue reading 2 – Who, what, where, when?